About Us

In 2019, Ultimate Recovery was founded as a Mobile Sports Massage provider based in Manchester, England.

Over a year later, we are not just a Sports Massage provider, but a Sports Injury and Rehabilitation specialist offering mobile consultations.

Ultimate Recovery wants to build and help its clients become better, more robust, versions of themselves. This is why we not only offer injury consultations to those with musculoskeletal conditions and those with injuries, we also offer injury screening for those who want to prevent injuries before they occur.

Here at Ultimate Recovery we go the extra mile to support our clients and if we find that you have an injury or condition we are not too familiar with, we will ensure we go back and find the best evidence-based guidance and contact you regarding the extra information, exercises or support you may want to incorporate into our already existent plan.

Each and every person who we see is different and thats how we treat our clients. We know there is not a one-size fits all approach, which is why our treatment plans are customised and created with you!

Why Choose Us?

We aim to build more robust and active individuals, helping you recover from your injury, condition or surgical procedure to stronger levels than before.

We understand the issues and complications you may experience during your recovery and we offer our full support throughout the entire process and beyond.

Here at Ultimate Recovery, we have a thirst for knowledge and will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best care possible by using evidence-based practice and practical knowledge to guide your treatment.

Guiding you through the stages of healing, Ultimate Recovery Champions Exercise, Manual Therapy & Sports Massage to assist with your road to recovery


All the best - Ethan Bell

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