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Being a Graduate Sports Rehabilitator equips us perfectly to assess any injuries, conditions or general aches and pains, much in the same way your GP or Physiotherapist would.

We begin by covering an in-depth subjective history of the problem, this allows us to gain a working hypothesis as to what may be occurring at the problem region and can help dictate the tests we will want to perform.

Next, once we have adequate information regarding the problem, we then begin to assess the region of concern with a mixture of passive, active, resisted and special tests to try and recreate the pain or understand the problem further,

Once we have completed all of our testings, we will then be able to provide you with a working diagnosis of what we think is causing your pain or discomfort.

Once we have a working diagnosis, we can begin our treatment using a variety of skills. These treatments may include; soft tissue massage, manual therapy techniques, muscle energy techniques, exercise prescription or activity modification.

Each appointment will follow the same structure, beginning with the subjective assessment such as how the problem has been since your last visit then measuring how the joint is behaving during your assessment compared to the previous visit, then moving onto the treatment, which we then modify some of the exercises given by making them more difficult or a bit easier.


The treatment time should increase after your first appointment as your symptoms begin to ease, and the assessments should be quicker due to the foundations laid in the first appointment.

Remember, just because we are ''Sports Rehabilitators' does not mean we only deal with sporting issues or injuries, we also deal with everyday problems and musculoskeletal conditions.

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