Injury Prevention

Here at Ultimate Recovery, we also offer Injury Prevention as part of our services.

Now, lets be perfectly clear, you can absolutely never prevent injuries from occurring, however, what we can do is minimise the risk for specific regions of concern.

Lets dive into a bit more detail as to how we can help minimise your risk of injury.

First of all, we begin by going through a subjective assessment, just as we would with any client. We are trying to spot your regions of concern, your history of injuries, your family history of conditions or illnesses and your medications. We will also establish what hobbies, jobs and any sports you to partake in. This subjective assessment will give us information regarding any predisposition you may have for specific injuries or illnesses regarding the musculoskeletal system.

Next, we may get you to fill out some questionnaires regarding different body regions such as the back, which can give us more of an insight to your beliefs surrounding injuries or feelings of anxiety about getting injuries to these places.

We will then move onto assessing each region of the body, comparing each side to the other to measure any pain or discomfort, weaknesses or decreased range of motion compared to the other side.

Once we have competed all of the testing and made note of our findings, this can then allow us to form a treatment plan together as to how we can proceed in helping you decrease your risk of injury.

Our treatment plans will often include; Exercise Prescription, Sports Massage and various Manual Therapy techniques to help ease your joints and musculature and decrease any muscular imbalances from side to side.


If you want to learn more about our Injury Prevention services, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.


To book in for your Injury Prevention assessment please call, email or use our website to book in now! 

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