Virtual Appointments

Here at Ultimate Recovery, COVID-19 provided difficulties to access and monitor our clients progress, this made us reassess and rethink the ways in which we can deliver our sessions.

Virtual appointments allow us to moniter our clients in an effective and cost-efficient way.

Due to the nature of the Virtual Appointments, we are able to pass our savings onto our clients by offering virtual appointments for just £10 for 30 minutes.

The Virtual Appointments allow us to talk and communicate with our clients and see how they are performing their exercises and guide them in ways to adjust their technique where necessary.

Due to the nature of the Virtual Appointments, they will be incorporated into our everyday services permanently to allow our patients to continue being monitored if they are far away and to allow new patients from all over the country to book in using our services and benefit from our guidance.

We will also be keeping the virtual appointments available to allow our clients to save time and money as we can do the majority of what we do in person, just without the hands on treatments!

What are you waiting for? Secure your Virtual Appointment now by calling, emailing or booking online

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