How to stay injury free in 2022

As new year's resolutions start coming into play, it's important we give ourselves the best chance to stay injury free this year!

To minimise your risk of injury I've put together this list for you to implement into your own training routine.

1: Always have a good warm up!

A good warm up should follow the R.A.M.P protocol!

This is where we Raise our heart rate, Active the muscles we are going to be using, Mobilising the tendons and muscles and potentiating our body.

So a warm up incorporates quick activity to get our heart pumping.

We can then go and activate our muscles with some squats for our legs for example.

Next we would do some dynamic stretching.

and lastly, we would potentiate our muscles by incorporating some ballistic type movements such as squat jumps.

2: Make sure to pace yourself and not overdo it on your first few sessions!

If running is new to you then make sure to gradually introduce longer runs and not aim straight for them.

The majority of sporting injuries occur when we are fatigued so pay extra caution towards the end of the run and not push it overly far as this is when we get these strains and sprains.

3: Make sure you incorporate plenty of strength training!

The strength of our tissues often determines how easy it is to become injured. Get strong to give your muscles the foundation they need to maximise your capacity to run and your pace.

4: Recovery matters!!

Take rest days, get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious food, alternate training sessions and book in for your monthly Sports Massage/ Chiropractic session.

All of these modalities help to keep us recovering to the best of our ability and Ultimately keep us injury free.

5: Avoid those Slippy leaves or icy roads! Falls can quite easily leave us questioning why we started in the first place, leave us with massive bruises that hurt and can even cause fractures in extreme circumstances so avoid falling where possible! 6: Enjoy it! Exercise should be fun, enjoyable and we should want to do it again! However, the majority of us just do it because we feel we have to.

If you don't enjoy it then you're going to be less likely to continue so find an exercise you enjoy weather that be group classes, road running, cycling, swimming and stick with it and try to set yourself targets to achieve!

Stay injury free in 2022 and follow this advice!


Share this advice with your family and friends!

Thanks for reading Ethan Bell

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